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Expressing Your Brand with Cinematic Enchantment

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

How do you set your brand apart from others?

Property in Thailand is an appealing market, but it is also very competitive. So, your real estate marketing ideas need to be more than beauty shots of swimming pools, sweeping images of deluxe, modern interiors, or heartwarming tableaus of families and friends. To make a memorable impression that leads to positive action, you also need to tell an enchanting story that engages people and inspires them to want to make that story theirs.

One of the best ways to communicate such a story is through a video production with your property in Bangkok starring in it. An effective video uses sights and sounds to draw the viewer in. But how to create that enticement that would encourage the viewer to select your brand? For NIVATI, the gentle humor from the Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel was the inspiration:

“Irony and sincerity are combined in Wes Anderson’s films, and they are conveyed by a quirky style. The ‘quirky’ is often recognizable by its approach to comedy, a visual style that courts a fastidious ‘artificiality’, a thematic interest in childhood and innocence, and – most pervasively – a tone which balances ironic detachment with sincere engagement.”

MacDowell, James. “Wes Anderson, Tone and the Quirky Sensibility.” New Review of Film and Television Studies, vol.10, no.1, 2012, pp. 6-27

Creating a similar visual style with the same sincerity and wonder was fundamental to establishing NIVATI as a memorable brand with an elegance and luxury unlike other offerings.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Inspiration

The themes behind The Grand Budapest Hotel are more than just fodder for a comedic video. It is ideal for a property marketing plan. At its core, the movie tells how the service and staff enhanced the hotel’s name. By following the bellhop through his endeavors to fulfill every guest’s every need, he epitomized the hotel’s luxury status and why guests preferred their hotel to its competitors. And just like the Grand Budapest Hotel, NIVATI stands apart from other properties in Bangkok with more than just a unique elegance, but also with its attention to its guests’ and residents’ needs, desires, and comforts.

In the NIVATI video marketing, the bellboy, eager to please, strives to go above and beyond for a couple. He may stumble a bit, but the service is ultimately flawless as the residents have their needs fulfilled to their mutual delight. The stumbling may raise eyebrows, as this is a stylish brand, but it is part of the story. It is memorable and gently fun, and so the story of luxury endures, impressing viewers with the premier services and superior facilities they can find at NIVATI.

Blending the humor smoothly into the backdrop of a luxury residential property while telling the bellboy’s story also required utilizing specific visual techniques. There is a rapid tempo to scenes but edited to create a quirkiness throughout the settings and themes. Aesthetic precision maintains viewers’ attention through visual, postmodern collage effects. Altogether, this video production transforms NIVATI into an accessible yet lavish location where the finer things in life happen every day.

Humor is unforgettable – ideal for marketing

Everyone loves to laugh. And we tend to remember that which make us smile. Humor in marketing has been an integral part of many successful campaigns. What better way to make an impact than to leave viewers with a memory of a smile and your property in Thailand?

Laughter as a shared, respected experience

Laughter makes us feel good, and shared laughter creates a connection. We both find the same things amusing, so we must have other things in common, which is why we will remember the moment. Maintaining that connection allows the filmmaker to continue telling a story and making an impact. This also applies to real estate marketing video productions.

Of course, there is different ways to evoke laughter, but for humor in marketing to work for real estate, it must come from a positive place. Insulting words and images, mean-spirited pranks, and other negative jokes or ridicule may cause laughter, but it most likely will not inspire someone to select your property. Humor that is optimistic and upbeat encourages enthusiasm. Applying that to your video marketing can help motivate viewers to answer your call to action.

Comedy creates connections for effective ads

However, it is not enough to have some visual puns, pratfalls, or absurd set-ups in a real estate marketing video. It may evoke laughter, but will it be memorable? Will viewers connect to it and by extension, to the brand? And to that matter, what type of humor would the target audience associate best with?

After identifying the comedy genre, then you can develop a fuller concept, creating a video where the humor pervades the settings, themes, and messaging. The humor must have a natural flow throughout. If it seems forced, viewers will not connect, and you will lose their attention before you can tell your brand story.

Comedic storytelling in marketing

Now it comes to bringing it all together in your comedic video. The best way to create the most effective impact is by telling a story that viewers will want to keep watching. With a well-executed humorous video production, you can share your real estate marketing on social media as well as on your website, drawing visitors to spend time learning more because of your thoughtful, amusing messaging.

Capturing a humorous story that takes viewers on a journey featuring your brand allows you to share all the benefits and selling points in a seamless way. This imprints a positive impression as they relate to the characters and the story, being entertained as they are swayed.

Showing NIVATI through the Grand Budapest lens

For NIVATI’s brand, The Grand Budapest Hotel was an ideal match in theme and visual impacts. The humor is relatable as viewers watch the bellboy as well as the couple on their path to providing the ultimate service (for the bellboy) and living their dream life for the couple. This video shows how there is more to property marketing strategies than the usual, and now very cliché and stilted, panoramas. Finding the right story, unique to your messaging, to tell through humor and impactful imagery can elevate your brand above the rest.

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