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Winning at the Film Festival

Competing with more than 100 other outstanding films and film directors from 49 countries was an honor and challenge for us. The videos that Vladi Korn, - Director at Able Films have directed won 5 awards in 4 categories at FINISTERRA ARRÁBIDA FILM ART & TOURISM FESTIVAL:

1st Prize Best Advertising Tourism Film

3rd Prize Destination Tourism Film

2nd prize Hospitality

2nd prize Best Blogger/Vlogger/Youtuber

3rd prize Best Blogger/Vlogger/Youtuber

Geoff Tompkinson, an award winning British photographer and the President of the Festival Jury, said - “Judging this year's final selection was an absolute nightmare because the quality of the films has been absolutely outstanding”.

This festival is not a feast in time of plague, it is a fist into the face of “plague” of 2020.

As long as there are in the world such enthusiasts as Carlos Sargedas, the director and organizer of the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art &Tourism Festival, the COVID will be a challenge, but not a death threat to Tourism. Carlos did all possible and impossible to keep the festival going into its 9th year, to keep all us, participants, inspired, and to keep tourism alive.

There is no disease that can compete with our desire to discover all the wonders of nature and culture that the films induce in everyone who watches them.

As long as there are such companies as Minor Hotels ( 3 out of 5 Awards ), investing in promotion of not only its hotels but also the destinations where the hotels are located with all their treasures of nature and culture. the tourism and the tourism film festivals will bring to the world spiritual joy through visual delights.

Amy Poehler suggested: “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” We feel that it is what has been changing our life. Every film is a team work, and we are grateful to have worked on this Award winning projects with such a successful, talented and patient team!

“Winning, said Roger Staubach, isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.” We believe that winning the Awards of the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival means going ahead of ourselves for each one of us.

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