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Our Directors

Director is the cornerstone of any video project. Currently we have 3 in-house directors with vastly different styles and approaches.


Travel, Cars, Tabeltop, Narrative. Every is different and is up to you pick one you like

Vladi Korn

Vladi Korn

# Award Winning #Hospitality #Destination #Cars #Documentary

#CSR #Luxury

An award winning director, famous for his works with tourism and hospitality titans like Agoda, Minor Group, Ascott and Banyan Tree, Vladi has a unique way of showing combining stunning visuals, humor and characters to craft a unique story that will stay in hearts and minds of audience.

Paul Gvozdinsky

#Narrative # Cosmetics #Tabletop #Super-Slow motion #Epic #Sport

An up and coming director making waves globally. With jaw dropping use of slow motion, innovative camera angles, impeccable editing, lighting and cinematography Paul crafts videos that captivate and leave a pleasant aftertaste. Grab him before he gets into Hollywood. 

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