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Our Directors

Director is the cornerstone of any video project. Whether you are doing hotel video commercial, car commercial or want to make video for your real estate we have directors in any specialty

Vladi Korn

# Award Winning #Hospitality #Destination #Cars #Documentary

#CSR #Luxury

An award winning director, mostly famous for his works with tourism and hospitality titans like Agoda, Minor Group, Ascott and Banyan Tree, Vladi has an extensive portfolio of local and international projects behind his belt.

Ming Yen Chang

#Fashion #Studio #Insurance #Social Media Advertising

An expert in studio work, Ming created brand campaigns for Zillingo, (Add 2 more brands), and other juggernauts of fashion industry. His skill in studio environment make him a perfect choice for fashion, corporate and social media campaigns

Maksim Mizgirev

Maxims Bio Coming Soon

#Photographer #Fashion #Studio 

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