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Client: Minor Hotels International
Project Title: Smallholder Engagement in Zambia
We did: Creative | Video | Post Production | Photography

Helping vulnerable people to build brighter futures, the Smallholder Engagement & The Maramba Women’s Mushroom Farm projects at Anantara Royal Livingstone help local farmers move away from roadside trading by committing to buy crops from the smallholders directly and at a fair price. Discover how cutting out the middleman made all the difference and how a mushroom-growing warehouse can empower an entire community.


Location Scouting: 2 days

Principal Photography: 2 Days

Post Production: 12 Days


  • Main Video - 2:20 min 

  • Short Video (Teaser )- 30 sec

Sequence 04.00_00_10_05.Still002.jpg

30 Sec Teaser

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