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Client: Nivati Residence
Title: Perfection for The Few
We did: Creative | Video | CG | Photography

 Nivati Residence by Cevas Properties is an unparalleled project in the heart of Bangkok’s hippiest neighborhood – Thong Lo. This iconic property draws inspiration from the timeless classicism of the Beaux-Art architecture. A sense of integrity and traditional craftsmanship is seen in every detail of the finest materials which grace the interior and exterior surfaces.

Alpha Ground was tasked with creating a marketing campaign film “Perfection for The Few”. Exclusive privacy, serenity, spacious units, state of the art facilities and Concierge service were to be showcased according to the brief.

We structured our film around the journey through the residence of the Concierge with the Bellboy. They perfect it for the arrival of the soon to be Nivati residents - ”The Few”. 

The Big Idea for the concept of the video was sparked by one of the most iconic Concierge/Bellboy pairings in today’s cinema - Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Our Concierge is fastidious and quirky, while our Bellboy is charming and charismatic in fulfilling Concierge’s directives.

Besides helping us with Character development, this movie is a great example of how the success of a property is branded by the service of its staff.

      Shorter clips for social media were generated from the main film, as well as a 30 second teaser.

Why "The Grand Budapest Hotel" inspired us?

DELIVERY 10 EL wallcorr.00_01_27_12.Still002.jpg
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nivati-pool (96 of 228).jpg


Location Scouting: 2 days

Creative Development: 7 Days

Principal Photography: 3 Days

Post Production: 12 Days


1. Main Video - 105sec

2. 5 Short Videos (Teaser for Facebook and Instagram, Additional Content)

3. 203 Social Media Photos

nivati-web (98 of 228).jpg

30 sec teaser and Social Media Clips

Social Media Photos

Perfection for The Few case study video

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