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Remind your clients you exist! ( over & over again )

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Recently I spoke with one of my friends, a long-time expat living in Bangkok. I’ve briefly mentioned a video project that we shot for Anantara Siam Bangkok that covers all 7 dining outlets located in the hotel.

He told me that 12 years ago, when he just arrived in Thailand, he used to go frequently to Shintaro (Japanese Restaurant, one of the 7 outlets located at the hotel) and enjoyed it a lot. Since then, many other places popped up and he forgot about this outlet. He said that he would love to go back there again because I reminded him of the restaurant’s existence!

Out of sight, out of mind” has taken on a new meaning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reminding people of your existence now seems more significant than ever!

How to remind your clients that you exist?

From marketing perspective, “develop a compelling creative campaign with captivating visuals & a relatable message.” Essentially the idea is to make cool, catchy content that people like to look at, with your message baked in.

What are captivating visuals you might ask?

Today’s internet culture is based heavily on short, and impactful videos. A 15-60-second video that leaves customers mouthwatering and wanting to place a reservation is the perfect example of restaurant video marketing that will boost your sales. People will remember your name if the video is memorable, and might like you on social media. The next time your name pops up on one of their Google searches, they might remember you as “the restaurant that did that cool video.” This can have a snowball effect, and they might end up visiting your website, browsing your menu, and placing a table reservation. The trick is to not go in for the hard sell — it will just turn customers off.

How to make short and impactful videos?

Let us shine your dishes!

We will create videos that will boost your brand recognition and visibility.

See our case study about restaurant videos:

And get in touch!

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